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Institute for Nuclear Theory Program 01-2

Neutron Stars

June 18 - August 24, 2001

Many important current astrophysical problems require new input from nuclear physics for their solution. This area is developing rapidly due to the wealth of astrophysical data becoming available from space-based and other instruments, the improved understanding of matter under extreme conditions that can be gained from laboratory experiments, and the advances made in numerical techniques for simulating astrophysical phenomena and for calculating nuclear properties.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists from a variety of backgrounds in an attempt to reach a more unified understanding of astrophysical phenomena. These will include astrophysicists, both observers and theorists, nuclear physicists, condensed matter physicists, and people making large-scale numerical simulations.

Examples of topics that will be discussed include: stellar collapse and the formation of neutron stars and black holes; properties of neutrinos in hot dense matter; the equation of state and other properties of dense matter; properties of neutron stars; accretion onto neutron stars and what can be learned from quasiperiodic oscillations; evolution of binary stars; the role of nuclear physics in Type IA supernovae; x-ray bursts and possible rapid proton reactions; nucleosynthesis; what has been learned from recent progress in many-body theory, and what can be learned from laboratory experiments.

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