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CEBAF/INT Workshop 01-19W

Correlations in Nucleons and Nuclei

March 12 - 16, 2001

A one-week workshop on problems related to the short-range structure of nucleons and nuclei will be held from Monday to Friday, March 12- March 16, 2001 at the INT in Seattle. The co-sponsors are Jefferson Laboratory and the Institute for Nuclear Theory. The workshop will serve as a jump start for the extended INT program on the very same subject. The intent is to address key issues involving low-energy QCD dynamics of the short-range nucleon structure and the short-range correlations in nuclei. In each case one is concerned with the strong interactions of a many-body system. The short-ranged correlations between the constituents are an important part of the dynamics, and are being measured in diverse high momentum-transfer experiments on nucleons and nuclei at Jefferson Lab, HERMES, and other facilities. The topics to be discussed will include present QCD approaches to describe hadronic wave functions (with a special emphasis on the interplay between quark and chiral degrees of freedom) and theories (using either the hadronic or quark-gluon basis) of nuclear short-ranged nucleon-nucleon correlations.

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