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Institute for Nuclear Theory Program 01-1

Correlations in Nucleons and Nuclei

March 5 - June 8, 2001

In studying the structure of the nucleon and nuclei one is concerned with the strong interactions of a many body system. Short-ranged correlations between the constituents are an important part, and are sensitive to fine details of the dynamics. These are being probed in a variety of high momentum transfer experiments on nucleons and nuclei at Jefferson Lab, HERMES and other facilities. The subjects to be discussed will include current QCD approaches to describing hadronic wave functions (with a special emphasis on the interplay between quark and chiral degrees of freedom) and theories (using either the hadronic or quark-gluon basis) of nuclear short-ranged nucleon-nucleon correlations. The relationship between nucleon structure and nuclear properties will be explored. We want to determine methods to confront the best available models with experimental data on high momentum transfer processes. The program would bring together theorists and experimentalists working in these fields, and provide thorough theoretical discussions and an open atmosphere for the presentation of preliminary and final experimental data.

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