Joint ITP/INT Workshop on

Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory

April 15-17, 1999

G. F. Bertsch,
E. K. U. Gross,

Time-dependent density functional theory is becoming widely used in different areas of physics--atomic, molecular, and condensed matter--in particular using the conveniently calculable local density approximation. Much work has been done in the perturbative regime, calculating properties such as dynamical polarizabilities and hyperpolarizabilities. Studies have also started in the nonperturbative regime, describing, e.g., high harmonic generation in strong femto-second laser pulses. A very successful algorithm has its origins in nuclear physics. However, practitioners of TDLDA in different fields have not communicated across boundaries. The principal goal of the workshop will be to bring together people who have applied TDDFT in different fields, to compare algorithms and experiences on various observables. A second goal will be to discuss the prospects of improved functionals beyond the TDLDA.