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Seminars and Activities

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As a tradition of INT programs, there will be one seminar and occasionally two each day. The seminars will be informal with plenty of time devoted to discussions. Afternoons will be open for discussions for interested groups. We will choose a coordinator for the discussions of each session. After consultation with the coordinators, we will list the guidelines of the discussion and possible names of the interested people who might want to get a little prepared for some short presentation on the topics. All the schedules here are tentative and might change during the program.


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March 16- 27, Particle Spectra and Correlation (HBT)

Seminars: (start at 10:00am each morning)

Monday, March 16

Heinz, Ulrich -Particle Interferometry in Nuclear Collisions

Tuesday, March 17

Sullivan, John - Two Particle Correlation Results from NA44

Wednesday, March 18

Humanic, Thomas - Rescattering Model Predictions for MT distributions and HBT

Thursday, March 19

Csorgo, Tamas - HBT, DCC, Particle Spectra and Flow

Friday, Match 20

Gazdzicki, Marek - Pion and Strangeness production as a signature of QCD phase transition, equilibration in nuclear collisions

Monday, March 23

Xu, Nu - Particle correlation and collision dynamics

Tuesday, March 24

Seyboth, Peter - Bose-Einstein and coulomb correlation in PbPb collisions

Wednesday, March 25

Sinyukov, Yuri - Testing freeze-out stage in A+A collisions by the hadron interferometry

Thursday, March 26

Schlei, Bernd - How much can we learn about the equation of state from HBT analysis?

Friday, March 27

Miskowiec, Dariusz - Two-particle interferometry in Au+Au collisions at the AGS

Afternoon Discussions (Coordinator- Ulrich Heinz):

  • (Time and date for each topic will be decided after the session starts)

    HBT and Cascade Simulations (Humanic, Sullivan)

    Coulomb Correlation (Seyboth, Xu, Miskowiec, Sullivan)

    Three Pion Correlation (Jacak, Csorgo)

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    March 30 - April 10, Flavor, Flow and Spectra

    Seminars: (start at 10:00am each morning)

    Monday, March 30

    Heinz, Ulrich - Remarks on flavor dynamics and collective flow

    Wang, Xin-Nian - Particle spectra from perturbative QCD

    Tuesday, March 31

    Kapusta, Joe - Linear extrapolation of pp to pA and AA collisions

    Wednesday, April 1

    Sollfrank, Josef - Thermodynamics and hydrodynamics for HIC

    Sakrejda, Iwona - Hadronic physics with STAR

    Thursday, April 2

    Rafelski, Johann - Flavor signatures of deconfinement

    Friday, April 3

    Ko, Che-Ming - Strangeness production and flow

    Monday, April 6

    Odyniec, Grazyna - Strangeness- past, present and future

    Tuesday, April 7

    Cole, Brian - Semi-inclusive measurements of pA collisions at AGS

    Wednesday, April 8

    Rischke, Dirk - Freeze-out in hydrodynamics

    Thursday, April 9

    Ritter, Hans-Georg - Directed and elliptic flow between 2 and 8 GeV

    Poskanzer, Art - Flow at SPS

    Nishimura, Shunji - Directed and elliptic flow in Pb+Pb collisions (WA98)

    Friday, April 10

    Trainer, Tom - Event-by-event Analysis

    Kopytine, Mikhial - Koan and pion production in NA44

    Afternoon Discussions (Coordinator- Ulrich Heinz):

  • (Other topics will be added on suggestions by participants, and time and date for each topic will be decided after the session starts)

    Initial and final state rescatterings - "random walk vs. flow (Heinz)

    Parton energy loss and baryon stopping, do they relate to each other? (Wang)

    Peculiarities of strange particle production in Pb+Pb collisions (Sollfrank)

    Phase-space occupation vs. chemical equilibration

    What we learn from p+A collisions (Cole)

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    April 13 - 24, Chiral Dynamics

     Seminars: (start at 10:00am each morning)

    Monday, April 13

    Rho, Mannque - Effective Chiral Field Theories in Dense Medium

    Tuesday, April 14

    Weldon, Arthur - New Meson in the Chirally Symmetric Plasma

    Wednesday, April 15

    Greiner, Carsten - Dissipation and Fluctuation at the Chiral Phase Transition

    Thursday, April 16

    Randrup, Jorgen - Disoriented Chiral Condensates

    Shaefer, Thomas - Color Superconductivity at Finite Baryon Density

    Friday, April 17

    Lee, Su-Houng - Chiral Dynamics and QCD Sum Rules

    Monday, April 20

    Weise, Wolfram - Pseudoscalar and Vector Mesons in Dense Matter

    Tuesday, April 21

    Tserruya, Itzhak - Results from the Dilepton and Photon Experiments at the CERN SPS

    Wednesday, April 22

    Hsu, Stephen - On the Evolution of DCC Domains

    Wudka, Jose - Finite Volume Effects in Gauge Theories at Finite Temperature

    Thursday, April 23

    Hatsuda, Tetsuo - Chiral Soft Modes and Their Spectral Functions

    Friday, April 24

    Csernai, Laszlo - Observability of DCCs

    Asakawa, Yuki - Anomaly Induced Domain Formation of DCC.

    Afternoon Discussions (Coordinator- Wolfram Weise):

  • (Other topics will be added on suggestions by participants, and time and date for each topic will be decided after the session starts)

    Chiral Condensate at Finite Temperature and Baryon Density

    QCD Sum Rules at Finite Temperature and Density and their Predictive Power

    What do the dilepton and photon data mean?

    Are conditions of DCC formation realistic in heavy-ion collisions?

    Observability of DCC

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    April 27 - May 8, EM Probes

    Monday, April 27

    Wambach, Jochem - Medium modifications of the s-Meson and Diletpon production in URHIC's

    Joe Kapusta- (2:00pm) Bremsstrahlung from Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions at RHIC: Theory and Proposed Experiment

    Tuesday, April 28

    Koch, Volker - Chiral Dynamics, DCC & Dilepton production

    Wednesday, April 29

    Drees, Axel - Low Mass Dilepton and Photon Production at CERN SPS energies

    Seto, Richard - Electrons in PHENIX

    Thursday, April 30

    Che Ming Ko - Dilepton production from Hot Dense Matter

    Moss, Joel (1:30pm) - Nuclear dependence of J/Psi production from E866

    Friday, May 1

    Mosel, Ulrich - QCD-Sumrule and Spectral Function Approaches to the in-medium Rho Properties

    Monday, May 4

    Gale, Charles - Soft and Intermediate-Mass Dileptons in Heavy-Ion Collisions

    Tuesday, May 5

    Carroll, Jim - Dilepton measurements and analysis

    Lecompte, Tom - EM Physics in STAR

    Wednesday, May 6

    Ruuskanen, Vesa - Electromagnetic emission in heavy ion collisions at SPS

    Thursday, May 7

    Aurenche, Patrick - Soft photon production in a quark-gluon plasma

    Markus Thoma - Photon and dilepton production from the quark-gluon plasma

    Friday, May 8

    Baier, Rudolf - Thermal photon production away from equilibrium


    Afternoon Discussions (Coordinator- Charles Gale):

  • (Other topics will be added on suggestions by participants, and time and date for each topic will be decided after the session starts)

    DLS data?

    Vector Mesons in Medium

    What do the dilepton and photon data mean?

    Comparison with different models

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    May 11 - 15, Workshop on Quarkonium Production in AA Collisions

      Monday, May 11………………………………..

    Morning ( Xin-Nian Wang) Rm-C520

    (9:30-9:35) Wick Haxton - Welcome

    (9:35-10:35) Helmut Satz - Looking for the Onset of Deconfinement

    (10:35-10:50) Coffee Break

    (10:50-11:50) Michel Gonin - NA50 Experiments: Everything You've Wanted to Know

    Afternoon (Joe Kapusta) Rm-C421

    (2:00-3:00) Enrico Scomparin - Intermediate Mass Dilepton in NA50

    (3:00-3:20) Coffee break

    (3:20-4:20) Michael Leitch - Vector Meson Production and Nuclear Effects in FNAL E866

    (4:20-5:20) Berndt Muller - Some thoughts about J/Y absorption

      Tuesday, May 12 ………………………………

    Morning (Vesa Ruuskanen) Rm-520

    (9:30-10:30) Martin Beneke - Mechanisms of Charmonium Production.

    (10:30-10:50)Coffee break

    (10:50-11:50)Eric Braaten - The r-p Puzzle of J/Y and Y' Decays

    Afternoon (Miklos Gyulassy) Rm-C421

    (2:00-3:00) Alfons Capella - Anomalous J/Y suppression in PbPb collisions: Is there a break in the J/Y cross section?

    (3:00-3:20) Coffee break

    (3:20-4:20) C.Y. Wong - J/Y and Y' suppression in High-Energy Pb-Pb collisions

    (4:20-5:20) Marzia Nardi - Cluster Formation and J/Y Suppression

      Wednesday, May 13 ……………………………

    Morning (Dmitri Kharzeev) Rm-C520

    (9:30-10:30) Edward Shuryak - J/Y suppression and EOS in Heavy-ion Collisions

    (10:30-10:50) Coffee break

    (10:50-11:50) Rudy Hwa - The gluon depletion possibility for J/Y suppression

    Afternoon (Robert Thews) Rm-C421

    (2:00-3:00) Xiao-fei Zhang - Nuclear Effects on Charmonium Production

    (3:00-3:20) Coffee break

    (3:20-4:20) Joe Kapusta - J/ Y suppression without partons?

    (4:20-5:20) Marzia Rosati - PHENIX Experiment at RHIC

      Thursday, May 14 ………………………………

    Morning (Peter Levai) Rm-C520

    (9:30-10:30) Ramona Vogt - What is the Source of the Anomalous J/Y Suppression?

    (10:30-10:50) Coffee break

    (10:50-11:50) Jochen Geiss - Charmonium Production and Absorption in the HSD Model

    Afternoon Rm-C421

    (2:00-5:00) Round Table Discussion (Convener- Miklos Gyulassy)

    Evening (7:00) No-host dinner at McCormick & Schmick's Harbourside Restaurant

      Friday, May 15 ………………………………….

    Morning (Barbara Jacak) Rm-C520

    (9:30-10:30) Yasuyuki Abika - J/Y physics with PHENIX at RHIC

    (10:30-10:50)Coffee break

    (10:50-11:50) Tom LeCompte - Study J/Y production with STAR at RHIC

    Afternoon (C.Y. Wong) Rm-C520

    (2:00-3:00)Carlos Lourenco - J/Y suppression revisited - Lessons from 10 years of data

    (3:00-4:00)Dmitri Kharzeev - Summary


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    May 18 - 29, Hard Probes

    Monday, May 18 Stankus, Paul- High p_T Physics with PHENIX at RHIC

    Christie, William- High P_T physics with the STAR at RHIC

    Tuesday, May19

    Eskola, Kari - Nuclear Parton Distributions

    Wednesday, May 20

    Wang, Xin-Nian - Where is the jet quenching in Pb+Pb at SPS?

    Thursday, May 21

    Gyulassy, Miklos - Jet quenching the brutal-force-way

    Friday, May 22

    Morsch, Andreas - Hard Probes in ALICE

    Monday, May 25

    No seminar on Memorial Day

    Tuesday, May 26

    Guo, Xiaofeng - QCD Multiple Parton Scattering

    Xu, Xiao-Ming - Multiple Parton Scattering

    Wednesday, May 27

    Peigne, Stephane - Quarkonium Production through Hard Comover Scattering

    Lin, Ziwei - Dileptons from charm decay

    Thursday, May 28

    Venugopalan, Raju - Small-x physics on lattices

    Paic, Guy and Peter Steinberg - Afternoon Discussion on RHIC and LHC Experiments

    Friday, May 29

    Redlich, Krzysztof - Electromagnetic Probes of heavy-ion collisions

    Afternoon Discussions (Coordinators- Helmut Satz and Xin-Nian Wang):

  • (Other topics will be added on suggestions by participants, and time and date for each topic will be decided after the session starts)

    Helmut Satz, Xin-Nian Wang - Hard Probe Collaboration

    J/Psi production and suppression (Jianwei Qiu, Stephane Peigne, Dmitri Kharzeev)

    Intrinsic parton transverse momentum (C.Y. Wong )

    Dilepton Production in Nuclear Collisions (Carlos Lourenco, Ramona Vogt, Robert Thews)

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    June 1 - 12, Models

    Monday, June 1

    Bass, Stephen- Ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions in the UrQMD model

    Tuesday, June 2

    Brown, David - Parton Model in Phase Space

    Wang, Fuqiang - Effect of rescattering on initial anisotropic high density domain

    Wednesday, June 3

    Pratt, Scott- What we learn by measuring final-state hadrons

    Thursday, June 4

    Sorge, Heinz- Nuclear collisions at RHIC versus fixed-target experiments: Common features and new possibilities

    Friday, June 5

    Cassing, Wolfgang- Transport description of relativistic heavy-ion collisions

    Monday, June 8

    Pajares, Carlos- String Fusion and Percolation

    Tuesday, June 9

    Danielewicz, Pawel- Hadronic transport model with a phase transition

    Aichelin, Joerg- Expansion of a SU(3) q qbar plasma in the Nambu Jona Lasinio Model

    Wednesday, June 10

    Werner, Klaus- Hard processes in VENUS

    Hladik, Michael - Formation and hadronization of quark matter droplets

    Thursday, June 11

    Wang, G.J.- Models and Particle production at AGS/CERN

    Zhang, Bin - Parton cascade for RHIC

    Friday, June 12

    Last day. No seminar


    Afternoon Discussions (Coordinator- Xin-Nian Wang):

  • (Other topics will be added on suggestions by participants, and time and date for each topic will be decided after the session starts)

    Model prediction for RHIC?

    Comparison of model predictions

    Validity of parton cascade approach

  • The END