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Instruction for the write-up of the proceedings

As was announced at the workshop, we will publish the proceedings of this workshop as one of the INT series by World Scientific Publish Co. It is time now to remind you the deadline. Since there will be another workshop on such topic at the end of September this year at BNL/RIKEN, we would like you to submit your contributions by September 30, 1998.

The page limit for each contribution is 10. The contributions must be in English and in the format required by World Scientific. This letter will also be sent to you by postal mail with which a hard copy of the guidelines will be included. Since we also plan to put the whole volume on the Web, we prefer that you submit your contribution in electronic format (either postscript file, or latex with postscript figure-files). Please download the following latex style files, example files and instruction:

latex style file: sprocl.sty, latex example file: sprocl.tex

postscript example file: sprocl.ps , instruction: readme.txt

all of the above files compressed: ws-p8-50x6-00_209.zip

Please send your contribution to:

Xin-Nian Wang
Nuclear Science Division, MS 70A-3307
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, CA 94720
Email: xnwang@lbl.gov


We look forward to receiving your contributions.

Barbara Jacak and Xin-Nian Wang