The strange quark plays a crucial role in many aspects of nuclear physics, from its contribution to nucleon form factors, to the production and decay properties of hypernuclei, to possible kaon condensation in neutron stars. The strange quark is distinct from the other quarks in that its mass sits so near that of the typical hadronic scale that it is difficult to treat accurately in any of the known effective theories of QCD. Much remains to be learned about both QCD and electroweak interactions through a study of strangeness.

On-going and planned experiments, at facilities such as those at Brookhaven, CERN, Jülich, Fermilab, the Frascati phi factory, the Jefferson Lab, KEK, and MIT-Bates explore critical aspects of strange physics. This is a particularly opportune time for a Program dedicated to strange physics, where we expect theorists to guide experimentalists working at forthcoming facilities, and experimentalists to guide theorists in understanding and interpreting the latest measurements. We hope to establish interactions among leading scientists in the field of strange physics that will survive to unravel some of the most puzzling aspects in the field.

The "Physics of Strangeness" program is scheduled to run from Monday September 28 (1998) until Friday December 4 (1998).

A list of subject areas related to the physics of strange quarks that the program may focus on


A four day Workshop will be held from September 29 through October 2.

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Summary of Workshop Discussions     

Weekly Talk Schedule

All talks are at 11.00 am

The Week of   October 5   to   October 9

  • Tuesday Oct. 6:   ``Strange Fellows and their Environment'' by Warren Buck.
  • Wednesday Oct. 7:   ``Finite Quark Mass Effects in the Improved Ladder Bethe-Salpeter Amplitudes'' by Makoto Takizawa.
  • Thursday Oct. 8: `` Hyperon Decays in the Skyrme Model''  by Norberto Scoccola.
  • Friday Oct. 9: `` IsospinViolation in the pion-nucleon System''  by Ulf Meissner.
  • The Week of   October 12  to   October 16

  • Monday Oct. 12:   ``Strange Magnetism of the Nucleon'' by Thomas Hemmert
  • Tuesday Oct. 13:   ``Strong Interactions from Hadronic Atoms'' by Avraham Gal.
  • Wednesday Oct. 14:   ``Lambda Nucleon interaction in the bound state soliton model'' by Carlos Schat.
  • Thursday Oct. 15:   ``The Lambda N to NN reaction in a one-meson-exchange model'' by Assum Parreno.
  • The Week of   October 19  to   October 23

  • Monday Oct. 19:   ``Scattering of Strange and Non-Strange Mesons and a Possible Scalar Nonet'' by Joe Schechter
  • Tuesday Oct. 20:   ``Nucleon Structure Functions from a Chiral Soliton'' by Herbert Weigel
  • Wednesday Oct. 21:   ``The Three-Baryon System at Low Energies'' by Bira van Kolck
  • Thursday Oct. 22:   ``Reliable Calculation of Weak Nonleptonic Amplitudes: B_7,B_8'' by John Donoghue
  • Friday Oct. 23:   ``Strange Vector Form Factors of the Nucleon'' by Hilmar Forkel
  • The Week of   October 26  to   October 30

  • Monday Oct. 26:   ``KN interaction in free space and in the nuclear medium'' by Angels Ramos
  • Tuesday Oct. 27:   ``Nucleon Resonances in pion, eta, and kaon photoproduction'' by Cornelius Bennhold
  • Wednesday Oct. 28:   ``Baryon Electromagnetic Transition Amplitudes from QCD Sum Rules'' by Frank Lee
  • Thursday Oct. 29:   ``Baryonic Systems with Strangeness in Chiral Soliton Models'' by Vladimir Kopeliovich
  • The Week of   November 2 to November 6

  • Monday Nov. 2 :   ``SAMPLE O' Quark'' by Dan Riska
  • Tuesday Nov. 3:   ``Strange Quark Matter and Strange Stars'' by Jes Madsen
  • Wednesday Nov. 4:  ``Renormalization Schemes and the Range of Two-Nucleon Effective Theory'' by Thomas Mehen (Joint NTG/INT)
  • Thursday Nov. 5:  ``Strangeness-rich matter and SU(3)'' by Harry Lee
  • Friday Nov. 6:   10.30 am "Chiral Perturbation Theory, Vector Meson Dominance, and the Strangeness Form Factor" by Steven Puglia
  • AND ``Nonperturbative Renormalization of the Three-Body System'' by Paulo Bedaque
  • The Week of  November 9 to November 13

  • Monday Nov. 9:   ``Deuteronomy and QCD'' by Tom Cohen
  • Tuesday Nov. 10:   ``Photo- and Electro-production of Strangeness on Nucleons and Light Nuclei'' by Bijan Saghai
  • Wednesday Nov. 11:  ``Strange Vector Form Factors of the Nucleon'' by Hans-Werner Hammer
  • Thursday Nov. 12:  ``New Methods in Chiral Perturbation Theory for Nonleptonic Hyperon Decay'' by German Valencia
  • Friday Nov. 13:   ``Dispersion relations in anti-Kaon Nucleon multichannel analyses'' by Rafael Hurtado
  • The Week of  November 16 to November 20

  • Monday Nov. 16:   ``How Isospin Violation Mocks ``New'' Physics: pion-eta, eta prime Mixing in B-> pion pion Decays'' by Susan Gardner
  • Tuesday Nov. 17:   ``Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering as a Probe of Nucleon Condensates'' by Mathias Burkhardt
  • Wednesday Nov. 18:  ``Novel Aspects of Heavy Flavor Physics'' by Stan Brodsky
  • Thursday Nov. 19:  ``K -> pi + nubar + nu at BNL'' by Littenberg
  • Friday Nov. 20:   ``|Delta I|=3/2 Hyperon Decays in Heavy-Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory'' by Jusak Tandean
  • The Week of  November 23 to November 27

  • Monday Nov. 23:   ``Strangeness production in nucleus-nucleus collisions at 4.5 A GeV/c'' by Alexandru Jipa
  • Tuesday Nov. 24: ``Observable Signatures of Strangeness at High Density: Supernova Neutrinos and Neutron Star Properties'' by Sanjay Reddy
  • Wednesday Nov. 25:  11am-11.45pm``Bounding the Strange Quark Mass Using the Shapes of K_{l3} Form Factors'' by Richard Lebed
  • Wednesday Nov. 25:  11.45am-12.30pm``Rare Kaon Decays in Chiral Perturbation Theory'' by Fabrizio Gabbiani
  • Thursday Nov. 26:          Thanksgiving break
  • Friday Nov. 27:               Thanksgiving break
  • The Week of  November 30 to December 4

  • Monday Nov. 30:    ``Some Old Problems New Data'' by Richard Dalitz
  • Tuesday Dec. 1:   ``The Quantum Mechanics of Neutral Meson and Neutrino Oscillations: Solution to Some Long Standing Ambiguities'' by Michael Nauenberg
  • Wednesday Dec. 2:  ``Nucleon Strangeness from K* Loops'' by Marina Nielsen
  • Thursday Dec. 3:  11.00am - 11.45 am``Systematics of Ground State Hadron Masses'' by Don Lichtenberg
  • Thursday Dec. 3: 11.45-12.30  ``Strange Results from the Lattice'' by Greg Kilcup

  • Organizers

    Martin J. Savage,        Roxanne P. Springer ,

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    This program is sponsored by the Institute for Nuclear Theory at the University of Washington.

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