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Los Alamos National Laboratory

Alejandro Sonzogni
Brookhaven National Laboratory

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Laura Lee
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    Workshop on Reactor Neutrinos

    November 6-8, 2013

    The topic of the workshop is the calculation of antineutrino spectra from nuclear reactors. Accurate spectra and fluxes are crucial for the interpretation of experiments measuring neutrino conversion rates such as Double Chooz, RENO, and Daya Bay.

    If possible, the workshop should result in a documented consensus theory of the antineutrino spectrum, including open source codes to calculate the spectrum.

    Additional models goals are to identify experiments that need to be done and calculations that need to be carried out to resolve current disagreements.

    Please contact A. Sonzogni for further information and to participate.
    Preliminary Schedule
    All talks will be in room C-520 except for Wednesday after 2 PM when talks will move to C-421.

    Wednesday November 6, 2013

    9:00-9:45: David Kaplan, INT, University of Washington - Welcome
                       Anna Hayes and Alejandro Sonzogni - Scope and Goals of the Workshop

    9:45-10:30: Petr Vogel, Caltech - Reactor Anomaly - an Overview

    10:30-11:00: Coffee Break

    11:00-11:45: Patrick Huber, Virginia Tech - Computation of Reactor Fluxes - State of the Art

    11:45-12:30: Anna Hayes, Los Alamos National Laboratory - TBA

    12:15-2:00: Lunch Break

    2:00-2:45: Ionel Stetcu, Los Alamos National Laboratory - Fission Modeling in a Monte-Carlo Hauser-Feshbach Framework

    2:45-3:30: Muriel Fallot, Subatech Lab., Nantes, France - TBA

    3:30-4:00: Coffee Break

    4:00-4:45: Alejandro Sonzogni, Brookhaven National Laboratory - Calculation of Antineutrino Fluxes Using ENDF/B-VII.1

    4:45-5:30: Gerry Garvey, Los Alamos National Laboratory - TBA

    Thursday November 7, 2013

    9:00-9:45: Alejandro Algora, IFIC Valencia, Spain - Total Absorption Spectroscopy Measurements for Applications and Nuclear Structure

    9:45-10:30: Libby McCutchan, Brookhaven National Laboratory - Experimental Opportunities for Improving Summation Calculations

    10:30-11:00: Coffee Break

    11:00-11:45: Robert Mills, National Nuclear Laboratory, UK - Some Thoughts on Fission Yield Data in Estimating Reactor Core Radionuclide Activities

    11:45-12:30: Heikki Penttila, U. of Jyvaskyla, Finland - Pursuing mass resolving power higher than 106: Commissioning of IGISOL 4

    12:30-2:00: Lunch Break

    2:00-2:45: Tim Johnson, Brookhaven National Laboratory - Data Inconsistencies in Summation Calculations

    2:45-3:30: Nils Haag, Munich Technical University, Germany - Experimental Determination of the Antineutrino Spectrum of the Fission Products of U-238

    3:30-4:00: Coffee Break

    4:00-4:45: Andi Cucoanes, Subatech Lab., Nantes, France - The Nucifer Experiment

    4:45-5:30: Jeong-Yeon Lee, Institute for Basic Science, Korea - Relic Anti-neutrino Captures by EC Decaying Nuclei

    7:00: Dinner - TBA

    Friday November 8, 2013

    9:00-9:45: Karsten Heeger, Yale University - Prospects for measuring the absolute reactor neutrino flux and spectrum

    9:45-10:30: Siyeon Kim, Chung-Ang University, Korea - Recent Results from RENO

    10:30-11:00: Coffee Break

    11:00-12:30: Robert Grzywacz, University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Lab - Energy Release in Beta Decay of the Very Neutron Rich Nuclei

    12:30-2:00: Lunch Break

    2:00-4:00: Discussions


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