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Laura Lee
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Seminar Schedues:

  • Week 1 (Sept. 23-27)
  • Week 2 (Sept. 30-Oct. 4)
  • Week 3 (Oct. 7-11)
  • Week 4 (Oct. 14-18)
  • Week 5 (Oct. 21-25)
  • Week 6 (Oct. 28 - Nov. 1)
  • Week 7 - Workshop Nov. 6-8
  • Week 8 (Nov. 11-15)
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    Experimental status and prospects
    October 14 - 18, 2013

    Participant List (Confirmed speakers are notated with an asterisk.)
      Anatoli Afanasjev (Mississippi State)
      Andrei Andreyev* (York)
      Bruce R. Barrett (U. Arizona)
      George Bertsch (INT)
      Michael Block* (GSI)
      Aurel Bulgac (U. Washington)
      Manuel Caamano* (U. Santiago de Comostela)
      Lars Ghys (KU Leuven)
      Franz-Josef Hambsch* (Geel)
      Michael Kowal (NCBJ)
      Walter Loveland* (OSU)
      Jie Meng (Peking U.)
      Serban Misicu* (Bucharest)
      Peter Moller* (LANL)
      Witold Nazarewicz (U. Tennessee)
      Katsuhisa Nishio* (JAEA)
      Jorgen Randrup* (LBNL)
      Paul-Gerhard Reinhard* (Erlangen)
      Luis Robledo (U. Autonoma de Madrid)
      Ken Roche (U. Washington)
      Karl-Heinz Schmidt* (Erzhausen)
      Arnold Sierk (LANL)
      Andrzej Staszczak (Maria Curie-Sklodowska U.)
      Julien Taieb* (CEA)
      Fredrik Tovesson* (LANL)
      Takahiro Wada* (Kansai)
      Michal Warda (Lublin)

    Week 4. Workshop on "Experimental status and prospects"

    All talks are 40'+15'

    Monday, October 14th
      10:00: Andrei Andreyev (York/JAEA), Welcome
      10:05: Andrei Andreyev (York/JAEA), "Beta-delayed fission across the Chart of Nuclides"
      11:00: Katsuhisa Nishio (JAEA), "Fission research at JAEA and opportunity with J-PARC for fission and nuclear data"
      14:00: Jorgen Randrup (LBNL), "Fission shape evolution by Brownian motion"
      15:00: Peter Moller (LANL), "Calculated fission yield (a)symmetries from (about) Z=74 to SHE"
    Tuesday, October 15th
      10:00: Manuel Caamano Fresco (Santiago de Compostella), "Isotopic distributions as a deep probe to fission and fusion-fission dynamics"
      11:00: Julien Taieb (CEA), "The SOFIA experiment: High resolution yield measurement in the fission of actinides and preactinides"
      14:00: Takahiro Wada (Kansai), "Fluctuation-dissipation dynamics of fission and heavy-ion fusion reactions"
    Wednesday, October 16th
      10:00: Franz-Josef Hambsch (Geel), "Challenges in nuclear fission experiments and modelling: prompt neutron and γ-ray emission"
      11:00: Arnold Sierk/Fredrik Tovesson (LANL), "SPIDER: a new capability for high mass resolution studies of fission fragments"
      14:30: Karl-Heinz Schmidt (Erzhausen), "Striking observations in low-energy fission and what they tell us"

      19:00: Workshop dinner at (Restaurant Chloe)
    Thursday, October 17th
      10:00: Michael Block (GSI), "Superheavy element research at GSI"
      11:00: Andrzej Staszczak (Lublin), "Stability and properties of heavy and superheavy nuclei in mean-field model with Skyrme energy density functional"
      14:00: Paul-Gerhard Reinhard (Erlangen), "Fission properties of superheavy elements"
    Friday, October 18th
      10:00: Serban Misicu (Bucharest), "Role of the nucleus-nucleus potential in explaining sub-barrier fusion data"
      11:00: Walter Loveland (Oregon), "Three problems for nuclear theory"

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