Leslie Rosenberg
University of Washington

Karl van Bibber
Naval Postgraduate School

Gray Rybka
University of Washington

Gianpaolo Carosi
Lawrence Livermore Lab

Program Coordinator:
Laura Lee
(206) 685-3509


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INT Workshop INT-12-50W

Vistas in Axion Physics: A Roadmap for Theoretical and Experimental Axion Physics through 2025

April 23-26, 2012


This workshop will (1) organize much of the scientific foundation for the next generation of axion and axion-like-particle (ALP) experiments and searches, (2) and will be a roadmap for the researchers, research sponsors and the broader scientific community. The issue driving (1) is that much of the discussion of axions is stuck in the Peccei-Quinn axion from the late 1970's. Much has happened since which impacts on the axion discussion, from axions in strings to axion variants that re-open the search space. The discussion needs updating. The issue driving (2) is that there are a large number of proposed axion searches in the pipeline, some are "sensible", some are not in that the proposed search region is already well combed. To ease this difficult sorting process, experimenters and funding agencies are in need of a roadmap for the science case and directions for axion searches.

We gratefully acknowledge support of this workshop from the U.S. National Science Foundation and the U.S. Deparment of Energy.