Alex Brown (chair)

George Bertsch (local contact)

Pawel Danielewicz

Program Coordinator:
Laura Lee
(206) 685-3509

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7th ANL/INT/JINA/MSU annual FRIB workshop

August 8 - 12, 2011

Interfaces Between Nuclear Reactions and Structure


All talks will be held in room A114

Monday, August 8
9:45 amAlex BrownIntroduction and Discussion Leader
10:00 am Petr Navratil "Ab initio Reaction Theory for Light Nuclei"
10:45 am Filomena Nunes "The TORUS Project"
11:30 amDiscussions  
12:00 pmBreak  
1:30 pmWilton Catford "Transfer Reaction Exp"
2:15 pmAlexandra Gade "Knockout Reaction Exp"
3:00 pmBreak  
3:30 pmAlan Wuosmaa "Nucleon-Transfer Reactions with Exotic Light Nuclei"
4:15 pmBetty Tsang "Transfer Reaction Exp"
5:00 pmDiscussions  

Tuesday, August 9
9:45 amCharlotte ElsterDiscussion Leader
10:00 amThomas Papenbrock 
10:45 amGaute Hagen"Coupled Cluster Results"
11:30 amDiscussions  
12:00 pmBreak  
1:30 pmCharlotte Elster  
2:15 pmPierre Capel "Breakup as a Tool to Study Exotic Nuclear Structures"
3:00 pmBreak  
3:30 pmStefan Typel "Electromagnetic and Nuclear Breakup in Coulomb Dissociation Experiments"
4:15 pmDick Furnstahl "Making Sense of Structure/Reaction 'Non-Observables' "
5:00 pmDiscussions  

Wednesday, August 10
9:00 amGeorge BertschDiscussion Leader
9:15 amWim Dickhoff"Recent Applications of Green's Function Methods to Link Structure and Reactions"
10:00 amJenny Lee"Plans of Correlation Studies Using One-Nuclear and Two-Nucleon Knockout and Transfer Reactions"
10:45 amBob Charity"Two-Proton Decay Exp"
11:30 amDiscussions  
12:00 pmBreak  
1:30 pmIan Thompson"Theory and Calculation of Two-Nucleon Transfer Reactions"
2:15 pmAugusto Macchiavelli"Pairing Correlations and Two-Nucleon Transfer Reactions"
3:00 pmBreak  
3:30 pmAlex Brown "Proton-Neutron Correlations and the Relation to GT Strength"
3:45 pmMihai Horoi "Proton-Neutron Correlations from Particle Transfer Reactions"
4:15 pmAlex Gezerlis "Mixed Spin Pairing in Heavy Nuclei"

Thursday, August 11
9:45 amThomas PapenbrockDiscussion leader
10:00 amHideyuki Sakai"Study of Spin-Isospin Responses in the Continuum by Charge-Exchange Reactions"
10:45 amRemco Zegers"Theoretical Challengers for Charge-Exchange Reactions (with Rare Isotope Beams)"
11:30 amDiscussions  
12:00 pmBreak  
1:30 pmDieter Frekers "Charge-exchange reactions and double beta-decay"
2:15 pmMyung-KI Cheoun "Charge Exchange Reactions and Applications to Astrophysics"
3:00 pmBreak  
3:30 pmPawel Danielewicz Discussion Leader
3:45 pmJerzy Lukasik "Symmetry Term at High Density from Heavy Ion Collisions"
4:30 pmBill Lynch "Determining the EoS Neutron-Rich Matter"
5:15 pmDiscussions  
6:00 pmGroup dinner  

Friday, August 12
9:45 am  
10:00 amAlan McIntosh"Flow and Correlations: Recent Experimental Results on the Symmetry Energy and Reaction Dynamics"
10:45 amBao-An Li 
11:15 amYingxun Zhang 
12:00 pmDiscussions