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The Future of Neutrino Mass Measurements:
Terrestrial, Astrophysical, and Cosmological Measurements
in the Next Decade

February 8-11, 2010


A central part of this workshop is the critical discussion of the status and future prospects of laboratory experiments and astrophysical and cosmological observations of neutrino mass. To help workshop participants prepare for the meeting the organizers have compiled a selected set of papers that describe the current status of the fields. We encourage workshop participants to suggest additional literature to refer to during the workshop discussions. Please email the workshop organizers at with additional suggestions.

direct and indirect neutrino mass measurements from laboratory experiments

"Neutrino mass limit from tritium beta decay," E.W. Otten, C. Weinheimer, Rep. Prog. Phys. 71 (2008) 086201, arXiv:0909.2104.

"Using Cold Atoms to Measure Neutrino Mass, M. Jerkins," J. R. Klein, J. H. Majors, M. G. Raizen, (2009) arXiv:0901.3111

"Measuring neutrino mass with radioactive ions in a storage ring," Mats Lindroos, Bob McElrath, Christopher Orme, Thomas Schwetz, arXiv:0904.1089, 2009.

"Relativistic Cyclotron Radiation Detection of Tritium Decay Electrons as a New Technique for Measuring the Neutrino Mass," Monreal, Benjamin, Formaggio, Joseph A., arXiv:0904.2860, 2009.

"Absolute neutrino mass from helicity measurements," Nishi, C. C., Mod. Phys. Lett. A24 (2009) 219-227, arXiv:0805.2597, 2008

"Statistical Analysis of future Neutrino Mass Experiments including Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay," Maneschg, Werner, Merle, Alexander, Rodejohann, Werner,Europhys. Lett. 85 (2009) 51002, arXiv:0812.0479.

"Observables sensitive to absolute neutrino masses (Addendum)," Fogli, G. L. et al., Phys. Rev. D78 (2008) 033010, arXiv:0805.2517

"Exact relativistic beta decay endpoint spectrum," S.S. Masood, S. Nasri , J. Schechter, M.A. Tortola , J.W.F. Valle, Weinheimer Phys.Rev.C76:045501,2007, arXiv:0706.0897

astrophysical and cosmological neutrino mass limits

"Cosmological parameters from combining the Lyman-alpha forest with CMB, galaxy clustering and SN constraints," Uros Seljak, Anze Slosar, Patrick McDonald

"Conservative Estimates of the Mass of the Neutrino from Cosmology," C.Zunckel, P.G Ferreira

"Cosmological Constraints from the Clustering of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey DR7 Luminous Red Galaxies," Beth A. Reid et al.

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