Daniel Boer
KVI, University of Groningen

Markus Diehl

Richard Milner

Raju Venugopalan
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Werner Vogelsang
University of Tübingen

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Inge Dolan
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Gluons and the quark sea at high energies: distributions, polarization, tomography

November 8 - 12, 2010

Agenda for Week 9

Monday, 11/8
Please note restricted building access on this day!
10:00-10:40D. MuellerGPDs from deeply virtual exclusive processes and beyond
11:00-11:40M. DiehlHow large can Eq and Eg be?
13:30-14:30Convenersgeneral discussion, work plan

Tuesday, 11/9
09:00-09:40 P. KrollExclusive photo- and electroproduction of quarkonia
10:00-10:40S. FazioDVCS at an EIC: MC simulations using GPD-based MC code
13:30-14:10H. AvakianSIDIS at EIC

Wednesday, 11/10
09:00-09:40 S. LiutiPartonic interpretation of GPDs
10:00-10:40G. GoldsteinConstraints on spin dependent GPDs from theory and experiment
13:30-14:10K. TanakaContribution of twist-3 multi-gluon correlation functions to single transverse-spin asymmetry in SIDIS

Thursday, 11/11
09:00-09:40 A. ProkudinCurrent Understanding of the TMDs and Future Perspectives
10:00-10:40T. BurtonSIDIS at the EIC (Simulations of Sivers and Collins asymmtries for an EIC)
13:30-14:10Y. KoikeSingle transverse spin asymmetry in pp collisions: new results from twist-3 mechanism

Friday, 11/12
09:00-09:40J. ChenTransverse spin and TMDs from SIDIS with transversely polarized nucleon
10:00-10:40T. HornImaging in exclusive processes
13:30-14:30Convenors general discussion, work plan