Daniel Boer
KVI, University of Groningen

Markus Diehl

Richard Milner

Raju Venugopalan
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Werner Vogelsang
University of Tübingen

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Inge Dolan
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Gluons and the quark sea at high energies: distributions, polarization, tomography

October 25 - 29, 2010

Preliminary Agenda for Week 7

Monday, 10/25
10:00-10:40M. Gonderingere-tau at the EIC
11:00-11:40A. Deshpandee-tau experimental aspects
14:00-15:30Discussion sessionplan of the week, e-tau at EIC

Tuesday, 10/26
09:00-09:40 S. MantryHigher twist in PVDIS
10:00-10:40K. KumarEW structure function experimental aspects

Wednesday, 10/27
09:00-09:40 I. CloetEW physics in e-A collisions
10:00-10:40W. MarcianoPrecision Standard Model at EIC
13:30-14:30Discussion sessionweak mixing angle at EIC

Thursday, 10/28
09:00-09:40 W. den DunnenDouble transverse spin asymmetries at RHIC as a probe for new physics
10:00-10:40W. VogelsangEW Structure Functions
13:30-14:30Discussion session:on the use of hyperon decay constants for extracting the quark polarization in the nucleon (Delta Sigma)
15:00-16:00Discussion sessionfurther work planning (1)

Friday, 10/29
09:00-09:40 A. MillerSemi-inclusive DIS measurements towards parton helicity densities
10:00-10:40M. StratmannSemi-inclusive processes and fragmentation functions
13:15-13:30M. Pfeuffer Lepton pair production in ep
13:30-14:30 Discussion sessionfurther work planning (2)