Daniel Boer
KVI, University of Groningen

Markus Diehl

Richard Milner

Raju Venugopalan
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Werner Vogelsang
University of Tübingen

Program Coordinator:
Inge Dolan
(206) 685-4286

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Gluons and the quark sea at high energies: distributions, polarization, tomography

Workshop on Perturbative and Non-Perturbative Aspects
of QCD at Collider Energies

September 13 - 17, 2010


Monday, 09/13
09:00-09:05 the organizers Welcome
09:05-09:35B. Terzic (JLab)ELIC accelerator design
09:40-10:10V. Ptitsyn (BNL)eRHIC accelerator design
10:45-11:15E. Aschenauer (BNL)EIC detector concepts
11:20-11:40 H. Montgomery (JLab) Realization of EIC (I)
11:40-12:00 S. Vigdor (BNL) Realization of EIC (II)
12:00-12:30 all Discussion
12:30-14:00 lunch 
14:00-14:40 R. Yoshida (Argonne) HERA results
14:50-15:20 A. Stasto (Penn State) Small-x resummations
15:25-15:55 P. van Mechelen (Antwerp) Forward QCD studies and prospects at the LHC
16:00-16:30 coffee 
16:30-17:00 L. McLerran (BNL) The Color Glass Condensate: Theory, Experiment and Future
17:05-17:35 F. Gelis (Saclay) CGC and connections of Glasma in heavy ion collisions to DIS
17:40-18:10 K. Tuchin (Iowa State) pA physics

Tuesday, 09/14
09:00-09:30 T. Lappi (Jyvaskyla) Diffraction in eA collisions
09:35-10:05 X.-N. Wang (Berkeley) Transverse momentum broadening in eA Collisions
10:45-11:15 B. Jacak (Stony Brook) Phenix status and upgrade
11:20-11:50 E. Sichtermann (Berkeley) STAR status and upgrades
11:55-12:25 Hugh Montgomery (Jlab) The JLab 12 GeV upgrade
12:30-14:00 lunch 
14:00-14:30 G. Miller (U Washington) Form Factors
14:35-15:05 A. Radyushkin (JLab) Generalized parton distributions and Regge behavior
15:10-15:40 P. Mulders (Amsterdam) Universality of TMDs
15:45-16:15 coffee 
16:15-16:45 M. Anselmino (Torino) TMD phenomenology
16:50-17:20 F. Yuan (Berkeley) TMDs and small-x
17:25-18:05 G. Schnell (DESY) Spin physics results from fixed-target experiments

Wednesday, 09/15
09:00-09:40 J. Pilcher (Chicago) LHC pp physics
09:50-10:20 F. Olness (SMU) Parton distributions for the LHC
10:25-10:45 coffee 
10:45-11:15 V. Del Duca (Frascati) Hadron collider phenomenology
11:20-11:50 E. Laenen (NIKHEF) QCD resummation
11:55-12:25 I. Stewart (MIT) SCET
 (afternoon free, meeting of organizers and convenors, workshop dinner) 

Thursday, 09/16
09:00-09:40 A. Deshpande (Stony Brook) RHIC Spin results
09:50-10:20 D. Kharzeev (BNL) Topological aspects of high-energy QCD
10:25-10:45 coffee 
10:45-11:15 W. Vogelsang (Tubingen) Helicity parton distributions
11:20-11:50 B. Cole (Columbia U) Hard probes with A+A@LHC
11:55-12:25 D. Renner (NIC, DESY) Hadron physics from lattice QCD
12:30-14:00 lunch 
14:00-14:30 A. Belitsky (Arizona State) Conformal techniques for high energy processes
14:35-15:05 C. Weiss (JLab) Chiral Dynamics in high-energy processes
15:10-15:40 coffee 
15:40-16:10 B. Pasquini (Pavia) Quark models for PDFs, GPDs, TMDs
16:15-16:45 I. Cloet (U Washington) Schwinger Dyson approaches to hadron structure

Friday, 09/17
09:00-09:30 J. Qiu (BNL) Charm physics
09:35-10:05 Y. Li (Madison) Electroweak ep physics
10:10-10:40 coffee 
10:40-11:30 the organizers Plans and organization of working groups
11:30-12:20 S. Brodsky (SLAC) Novel QCD Physics at the EIC
12:30 end of workshop