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Program INT-08-2a: Atomic, Chemical, and Nuclear Developments in Coupled Cluster Methods

Program Participants: July 7 - July 11, 2008

Dilip Kumar Angom Phys Res Lab, Gujarat, India 6/30-7/13
Baha Balantekin Univ of Wisconsin 7/10-7/20
Rodney Bartlett Univ of Florida 6/20-7/21
George Bertsch INT local
Raymond Bishop Univ of Manchester, UK 6/29-7/12
Steven Blundell CEA-Grenoble 7/6-7/27
Bhanu Das Indian Inst of Astrophysics 7/7-7/26
Doron Gazit INT local
Gaute Hagen Oak Ridge Nat Lab 6/26-7/12
Walter Johnson Univ of Notre Dame 6/22-7/26
Dmitry Lyakh VN Karazin Kharkiv Nat Univ 6/26-7/25
Leszek Meissner Nicholas Copernicus Univ, Poland 6/22-7/25
Monika Musial Univ of Silesia, Poland 6/29-7/25
Huliyar Nataraj Indian Inst of Astrophysics 7/7-7/27
Thomas Papenbrock Univ of Tennessee 7/6-7/12
Sergey Porsev Petersburg Nuclear Phys Inst 7/9-7/16
Robert Roth Darmstadt Univ of Technology 7/10-7/25
Bijaya Kumar Sahoo KVI Groningen, Netherlands 7/9-7/25
Arturo Samana Texas A&M Univ-Commerce 6/27-7/11
Achim Schwenk TRIUMF 6/29-7/13
Markus Stauf Univ of Manchester,UK 6/28-7/12
Andrew Taube Univ of Florida 6/22-7/14

This Week's Seminars:

Monday, July 7, 2008
Room C421, Physics and Astronomy Tower

10:30 am - Dmitry Lyakh, VN Karazin National University, Ukraine
Seminar on: "Building a Wavefunction within the Complete-Active-Space Coupled-Cluster with Singles and Doubles Formalism: Straightforward Description of Quasidegeneracy"

Tuesday, July 8, 2008
Room C421, Physics and Astronomy Tower

10:30 am - Andrew Taube, University of Florida
Seminar on: "Coupled-Cluster Perturbative Triples for Bond Breaking"

Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Room C421, Physics and Astronomy Tower

10:30 am - Thomas Papenbrock, University of Tennessee
Seminar on: "Medium-mass nuclei from chiral nucleon-nucleon interactions"

Thursday, July 10, 2008
Room C421, Physics and Astronomy Tower

10:30 am - Raymond Bishop, University of Manchester, UK
Seminar on: "Coupled Cluster Theory of Quantum Spin-Lattice Models of Magnetic Systems and their Quantum Phase Transitions"

Friday, July 11, 2008
Room C421, Physics and Astronomy Tower

10:30 am - Markus Stauf, University of Manchester,UK
Seminar on: "One-, Two- and Three-Body Equations of the Coupled Cluster Method in the Bochum Formulation"

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