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Program INT-08-1: From Strings to Things: String Theory Methods in QCD and Hadron Physics

Program Participants with Offices for the Week of May 19 - 23, 2008

Oleg Andreev Tech Univ Muenchen 5/4-5/25
Ian Balitsky JLab 5/18-6/6
Oren Bergman Technion/IAS 5/11-5/24
Nelson Braga UFRJ 5/11-5/23
Elena Caceres Univ Colima 5/4-5/31
Jorge Casalderrey-Solana LBNL 5/11-5/24
Maarten Golterman San Francisco State Univ 5/18-6/1
Defu Hou Huazhong Normal Univ 5/10-5/29
Edmond Iancu CEA Saclay 5/11-5/23
Richard Lebed Arizona State Univ 5/11-5/25
Guy Moore McGill Univ 5/12-5/25
Makoto Natsuume KEK 5/11-5/23
Anatoly Radyushkin JLab 5/10-5/24
Moshe Rozali Univ British Columbia 5/12-5/25
Dam T. Son INT local
Mikhail Stephanov Univ of Illinois, Chicago 5/7-6/7
Derek Teaney SUNY Stony Brook 5/4-6/7
Charles Thorn Univ of Florida 5/11-5/31

This Week's Seminars:

Monday, May 19, 2008
Room A102, Physics and Astronomy Building (Physics Department Colloquium

4:00 pm - Subir Sachdev, Harvard Univ
Seminar on: "Quantum Criticality and Black Holes"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Room C421, Physics and Astronomy Tower

10:00 am - Oleg Andreev, Tech Univ Muenchen
Seminar on: "Searching for a stringy description of QCD: experimentation with pure gauge theories"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Room C421, Physics and Astronomy Tower

9:30 am - Nelson Braga, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Seminar on: "Deep inelastic scattering in AdS/QCD"

11:00 am - Defu Hou, Huazhong Normal Univ
Seminar on: "TBA"

Thursday, May 22, 2008
Room C421, Physics and Astronomy Tower

9:30 am - Richard Lebed, Arizona State Univ
Seminar on: "The pion form factor in AdS/QCD"

11:00 am - Moshe Rozali, Univ of British Columbia
Seminar on: "Cold nuclear matter in holographic QCD"

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