INT Summer School on "Lattice QCD and its applications"
August 8 - 28, 2007

Application Form

There is no deadline, but we will begin making rolling admissions in February 2007.

A complete application consists of:

  • This form
  • A letter of recommendation if you are currently a graduate student.
  • Two letters of recommendation if you are a graduate student and are applying for support.
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    If you are a graduate student, which of the following describes your situation in the summer of 2007:

    Completed 1 year of graduate study in physics
    Completed 2 years
    Completed 3 or more years
    Will have graduated or be in the process of graduating

    It is assumed that you are conversant with continuum quantum field theory and the standard model. Please describe the extent of your knowledge and experience with lattice QCD and its applications:

    Do you intend to attend the entire school? Yes No

    If not, please enter your desired dates of attendance, and an explanation of why you wish to attend only part of the school.

    Accommodation options

    Shared dormitory accommodation

    Unshared dormitory at an extra daily cost of $18

    If you chose shared dormitory, and you know who you wish to share a room with, please enter name:



    Do you wish to apply for local support? Yes No


    Do you wish to give a presentation? Yes No

    Poster/Talk/Either one:

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    If you are a graduate student, please ask the reference or references to send recommendations by email to Steve Sharpe:

    Those applying for support please have two references sent to Steve Sharpe.

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