B.R. Barrett
(University of Arizona)

J.P. Draayer
(Louisiana State University)

K. Heyde
(University of Gent)

P. van Isacker

Program Coordinator:
Darlette Powell
(206) 685-4286

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Workshop at the INT Fall-07 Program
Correlations in Nuclei: From Di-nucleons to Clusters

November 26-29, 2007

Notice to all participants: The workshop is constructed so as to have only four 50 to 60 minute talks per day with much time for discussion. A speaker with 75 minutes is supposed to talk for "not more" than 50 to 60 minutes and to leave the remaining time for questions and discussion. If groups of participants want to organize their own discussion groups outside of the regular lecture times, please contact the organizers about making arrangements (e.g., space) for such events.

Monday, November 26, 2007

8:00-13:00:Arrival/Check-in/Registration/Finding Office at INT
13:00: Start of Workshop in Conference Room C520: Official welcome/announcements/introductions

Session 1: Shell evolution/tensor correlations (Session Chair: Bruce Barrett)

14:30-15:00: Coffee Break
15:00-16:15: Takayuki Myo (Osaka University): "Role of the tensor correlation in neutron halo nuclei"
16:15-18:00: Group meetings/Discussions/Special Seminars

Dinner on your own

Tuesday, November 27, 2007: All sessions today in Room C520

Session 2: Nucleon Interactions and Nuclear Structure: Part I (Session Chair: Naoyuki Itagaki)

9:00-10:15: Bruce Barrett (University of Arizona): "Overview on the Fall 2007 INT Program and a Status Report on the No-Core Shell Model"
10:15-10:45: Coffee Break
10:45-12:00: Maxim Kartamyshev (University of Oslo): "Realistic Three-Body Effective Interactions in Nuclear Structure Studies"
12:00-13:15: Lunch on your own

Session 3: Di-neutron correlation and alpha condensation (Session Chair: Robert Wiringa)

13:15-14:30: Kouichi Hagino (Tohoku University): "Dineutron correlation in light neutron-rich nuclei"
14:30-15:00: Coffee Break
15:00-16:15: Yasuro Funaki (RIKEN): "Alpha-cluster states and 4-alpha-particle condensation in 16O"
16:15-18:00: Group meetings/Discussions/Special Seminars

Dinner on your own

Wednesday, November 28, 2007: Session 4 will be in Room C520

Session 4: Nucleon Interactions and Nuclear Structure: Part II (Session Chair: Igal Talmi)

9:00-10:15: Robert Wiringa (Argonne National Laboratory): "Quantum Monte Carlo Studies of the Structure of Light Nuclei"
10:15-10:45: Coffee Break
10:45-12:00: Takaharu Otsuka (University of Tokyo):"Three-Nucleon-Force Mechanism and Shell Structure of of Exotic Neutron-Rich Nuclei"
12:00-13:35: Lunch on your own

NOTE: Session 5 will be in Room C421

Session 5: Cluster structure in light neutron-rich nuclei (Session Chair: Jerry Draayer)

13:35-14:50: Makoto Ito (RIKEN): "Covalent, Atomic and Ionic Configurations in 10,12Be"
14:50-15:20: Coffee Break
15:20-16:35: Naoyuki Itagaki (University of Tokyo): "Interplay between the cluster and shell correlations"
16:35-18:00: Group meetings/Discussions/Special Seminars
18:30: Workshop Group Reception and Dinner at the Portage Bay Cafe (cash bar for reception, dinner paid for separately). Dinner at 19:00.

Thursday, November 29, 2007: Session 6 will be in Room C520

Session 6: Connection to few-body approaches/Treatment of the resonance states/Tensor correlations (Session Chair: Wick Haxton)

9:00-10:15: Shigeyoshi Aoyama (Niigata University): "t+t cluster structures in He-isotopes"
10:15-10:45: Coffee Break
10:45-12:00: Yasuyuki Suzuki (Niigata University): "A description of few-particle correlations and clustering"
12:00-13:35: Lunch on your own

NOTE: Session 7 will be in Room C421

Session 7: Other Approaches to Collectivity in Nuclei (Session Chair: Takaharu Otsuka)

13:35-14:50: David Cardamone (Simon Fraser University): "Decay out of Superdeformed Nuclei in a Two Level Model"
14:50-15:20: Coffee Break
15:20-16:35:Jerry Draayer (LSU/SURA): "The Symplectic No-Core Shell Model"
16:35: Official End of the Workshop but discussions are welcome to continue

Dinner on your own