Brad Filippone

Mike Ramsey-Musolf

Program Coordinator:
Laura Lee
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INT Workshop on Electric Dipole Moments and CP Violation

March 19-23, 2007

Electric Diple Moments (EDM) can be direct signatures for CP and Time Reversal violation. Due to the very small EDM predicted for hadrons and leptons within the Standard Model, there is substantial opportunity to observe new physics via EDMs. In particular, the abundance of matter over antimatter in the universe appears to require new sources of CP violation beyond the Standard Model.

This workshop will address recent developments in both theory and experiment associated with the search for particle Electric Dipole Moments (EDMs). By bringing theorists and experimentalists together the theoretical issues can be better focused on the most promising experiments while the experimental community can develop a clearer consensus on which of the promising new techniques should be actively pursued.

A summary of topics to be discussed include:

  • Implications of new CP violation models for Baryogenesis
  • Models for CP violations beyond the Standard Model
  • New experimental approaches to EDM
  • QCD Model/Lattice approaches to calculating hadronic EDMs
  • Atomic and Nuclear Theory input to interpreting Atomic and Molecular