Color Superconductivity mini-workshop

Washington University and Western Illinois University theoretical physics groups

Compton Hall, Room 241, Thurs 29 Mar 2007

The densest predicted state of matter is color-superconducting quark matter, which has some affinities to electrical superconductors, but a much richer phase structure because quarks come in many varieties. Quark matter may well exist in the core of compact stars, and this workshop brings together two groups that are working intensively on the properties of color superconducting quark matter and the effort to develop signatures of its presence in compact stars.

13:30Vivian Incera (WIU) Magnetic phases in color superconductivity
13:50Efrain Ferrer (WIU) Paramagnetism in color superconductivity
14:10Igor Shovkovy (WIU) Bulk viscosity of strange quark matter
14:30Mark Alford (Wash U) Bulk viscosity of 2SC quark matter
14:50Andreas Schmitt (Wash U) Relativistic BCS-BEC crossover in a boson-fermion model
15:10Matt Braby (Wash U) Bulk Viscosity of Warm CFL Quark Matter
15:30Gerald Good (Wash U) Type I / Type II phase diagram for nuclear matter in neutron stars