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Workshop on Parton Distributions in the 21st Century
November 18 - 20, 2004

The aims of this workshop are to discuss open theoretical and phenomenological questions related to parton distribution functions, and to outline future experimental programs to address these questions.

Some of the topics to be covered include flavor and spin asymmetries in parton distributions, nuclear effects in structure functions, and the transition to the low-Q2 and resonance regions.


Thursday, Nov. 18

Chair: K. Kumar
 8:50   OPENING REMARKS - G. Miller

 9:00   W.-K. Tung      "Progress and open issues in global QCD analysis of unpolarized parton distribution functions"
 9:45   H. Boettcher    "Phenomenology of unpolarized and polarized PDFs"

10:30   COFFEE

11:00   Z.-E. Meziani   "Future structure function measurements"
11:30   S. Kretzer      "Strange quark asymmetries in the nucleon"
12:00   J. Morfin       "Neutrino probes of PDFs"

12:30   LUNCH

Chair: W.-K. Tung
 2:00   DISCUSSION      "Open issues in PDF fitting"

 3:00   K. Kumar        "Parity-violating DIS asymmetries at high x"
 3:30   T. Londergan    "Isospin violation in parton distributions"
 4:00   J. Bluemlein    "Mathematical structure of anomalous dimensions and coefficient function in higher orders"
 4:30   R. Ent          "PDFs at the Electron Ion Collider"

 5:00   DISCUSSION      "Open issues in PDF fitting"

 6:00   ADJOURN

Friday, Nov. 19 Chair: A. Fantoni 9:00 C. Keppel "Structure functions in the resonance region and quark-hadron duality" 9:45 B. Badelek "Low Q^2 structure functions - polarised & unpolarised" 10:30 COFFEE 11:00 A. Miller "Flavor decomposition at HERMES" 11:30 H. Avakian "Factorization studies in semi-inclusive DIS" 12:00 F. Yuan "QCD factorization for semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering 12:30 LUNCH Chair: R. Ent 2:00 DISCUSSION "Structure functions at low Q^2 and W" 3:00 M.Vanderhaeghen "Nucleon generalized parton distributions and form factors" 3:30 S. Liuti "Higher twists, duality and PDFs at large x" 4:00 J.-C. Peng "Flavor and spin asymmetries in the proton sea" 4:30 DISCUSSION "Structure functions at low Q^2 and W" 5:30 ADJOURN 7:00 DINNER AT IVAR'S SALMON HOUSE
Saturday, Nov. 20 Chair: J. Owens 9:00 A. Thomas "Overview of nuclear effects in DIS" 9:45 G. Miller "Models of the nuclear EMC effect" 10:15 COFFEE 10:45 J. Gomez "Nuclear structure functions: experimental review" 11:15 W. Melnitchouk "Nuclear effects in light nuclei" 11:45 S. Kumano "Determination of parton distribution functions in the nucleon & nuclei" 12:15 N. Liyanage "Bound nucleon structure with SIDIS on deuterons" 12:30 LUNCH Chair: B. Badelek 2:00 DISCUSSION "Nuclear effects on structure functions" 3:00 R. Fries "Higher twists in nuclear structure functions" 3:30 I. Cloet "Medium modification to spin-dependent structure functions" 4:00 M. Strikman "Nuclear effects in inclusive scattering off polarized He-3" 4:30 DISCUSSION "Nuclear effects on structure functions" 5:30 CLOSE
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