Organizing committee:
Rob Hoffman, LLNL
Paolo Mazzali, Trieste
Dieter Hartmann, Clemson
Frank Timmes, LANL

Workshop Coordinator:
Nancy Tate
(206) 685-4286

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Supernova Theory And Nucleosynthesis

July 15 - 17, 2004

Supernovae are interesting theoretically and observationally. Besides providing an excellent light show, supernovae are responsible for injecting energy and processed material into the universe. Models of thermonuclear and core collapse events attempt to give us an understanding about how the supernova explodes, the evolution of that explosion, where nucleosynthesis occurs, and the abundances of the resulting isotopic products. After half a century of quantitative study many of the initital paridigms remain, but nearly as many new ones are in place. This meeting - which honors Stan Woosley on the occasion of his 60th birthday - will focus on the theory and observations of supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, x-ray bursts, and nucleosynthesis. Aspects of these subjects where Stan has made significant contributions, will be emphasized.

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