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Institute for Nuclear Theory Program 02-3
Fundamental Symmetries and Weak Interactions
September 30 - December 6, 2002

The standard model structure of the weak interaction is by now a well-accepted one, having a rather elegant structure which (at low energy) can be expressed by the simple product of currents. In writing down this form one implicitly assumes the validity of numerous symmetries---CPT invariance, T (and CP) invariance, no second class currents, CVC for the vector current, PCAC for the axial current, no right handed currents for the charged current sector, only three generations, no scalar, pseudoscalar, or tensor couplings, Dirac neutrinos, etc. Each of these assumptions has been under experimental scrutiny in the recent past and many issues continue to be under active study. Since each invariance is intrinsic to the underlying structure of the electroweak interaction, any violation would constitute an important signal of possible "new" or beyond the standard model physics.

The purpose of the INT program is to bring together both theorists and experimentalists in these fields to discuss the current state of the art as well as to detail the critical experiments and/or calculations which are needed in order to resolve current issues. At the present time, experiments involving many of the above individual symmetries are underway at many major laboratories, but the aim of the program is to view this effort not in terms of individual activities, but rather to provide an overview of the overall program. The result will be the development of a plan of where we are, where we need to get, and what resources will be needed.

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