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Neutrino Masses & Mixing

April 8 - 12, 2002

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Monday, April 8:

9:00 H. Robertson: Solar Neutrino Experiments

9:45 W. Haxton: "Solar Neutrino Oscillations and Implications Elsewhere"

2:00 J. Learned: TBA

2:45 V. Barger: Interpreting solar and atmospheric neutrino data

Tuesday, April 9:

9:00 J. W. F. Valle: "Neutrino anomalies and new physics"

9:45 O. Yasuda: "Status of sterile neutrino schmes"

2:00 S. Petcov: "Implications of recent results of solar neutrino experiments"

2:45 D. Caldwell: "Solar neutrino flux variability and its implications"

Wednesday, April 10

9:00 R. N. Mohapatra: "A new theory for the sterile neutrino in the minimal seesaw picture"

9:45 P. Langacker: "Constraints on large extra dimensions from neutrino oscillation experiments"

2:00 E. Ma : "Discrete A4 Symmetry and Neutrino Masses"

2:45 K. S. Babu: "New Symmetries Revealed in Neutrino Oscillation Results"

3:30 G. Fuller: "Neutrino Cosmology"

Thursday, April 11:

9:00 J. Wilkerson: "Direct searches for neutrino mass"

9:45 G. Gratta "KAMLAND and EXO"

10:30-11 BREAK

11:00-11:45: Bill Louis, LSND, KARMEN and Mini-Boone

2:00 J. Sato: "Oscillation enhanced search for new interaction of neutrinos"

2:45 M. Lindner: "CP, T and CPT violation effects at future long baseline experiments"

4:00-5:00 S. Pakvasa: Workshop Summary

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