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Institute for Nuclear Theory Program 02-1


March 25 - June 28, 2002

Our program will revolve around outstanding problems in the origin of nuclei. Understanding where the elements are made necessarily involves the exciting and synergistic interface of observational astronomy, experimental and theoretical nuclear physics, and particle physics (especially neutrino physics). We aim to bring together specialists in these sometimes disparate but fast-developing fields. Topics for discussion will include:
(1) the origin of the heavy r-Process nuclei;
(2) fundamental physics of heavy nuclei (weak interaction strength distributions, masses, etc.);
(3) recent observational breakthroughs on heavy and light element abundance measurements (e.g., Ultra Metal Poor halo stars, abundance record for damped Lyman-alpha systems);
(4) primordial nucleosynthesis;
(5) advances and prospects for experimental/theoretical neutrino physics especially as it relates to (1) and (4);
(6) nucleosynthesis from massive stars and supernovae and novae;
(7) key nuclear reaction rate physics; and
(8) chemical/nuclear evolution models.

The INT is cohosting the "Stellar Abundances & Nucleosynthesis" conference with the University of Washington Department of Astronomy. Program visitors who are interested in attending the conference must register at the conference web site.

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