1990 National Nuclear Physics Summer School             III
        Santa Cruz, California (5-17 August)

Wick Haxton                             Haxton@phys.washington.edu      
Department of Physics                   (206) 685-2397
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195

Jorgen Randrup                          Randrup@LBL.gov
NSD 70A-3307                            (510) 486-6157
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Berkeley, California 94720

Baha Balantekin:        The Use of Symmetry Principles in Nuclear Physics 
Stan Brodsky:           Nuclear Quantum Chromodynamics 
George Fuller:          The Nuclear Physics of the Big Bang 
Shoji Nagamiya:         High Energy Heavy Ion Experiments 
John Negele:            The Structure of Hadrons
        Guest Lecturer: 
Gerry Brown:            Meson Effective Masses and Heavy Ion Physics