Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

A. Baha Balantekin

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fundamental Symmetries and Neutrinos - Theory

Jeff Blackmon

Louisiana State University

Nuclear Astrophysics
Introduction, Formalism, Big Bang and H burning
He burning, Heavy elements & s process
Stellar Explosions

Carl Brune

Ohio University

Nuclear Science in High Energy Density Plasmas

Heather Crawford

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Low-Energy Nuclear Experiments
The Basics
Ground States and Excitation Spectra
'Probing' Wavefunctions

David Dean

North Carolina State University

Computational Science

Dan Dwyer

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Experiments in Neutrinos and Fundamental Symmetries

Morten Hjorth-Jensen

University of Oslo, Norway

Lectures on Nuclear Structure Theory and Reactions

Barbara Jacak

UC Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Energy Loss and Opacity in the Quark Gluon Plasma
Screening and EM Probes

Walter Loveland

Oregon State University

The Quest for Superheavy Elements

Augusto Macchiavelli

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Gamma-Ray Tracking

Naomi Makins

University of Illinois

Nuclear Physics in Four Quadrants

Gail McLaughlin

North Carolina State University

Nuclear Astrophysics
Nuclear Astrophysics: Nucleosynthesis
Nuclear Astrophysics: The r-process of nucleosynthesis: overview of r-process sites

Greg Mitchell

UC Davis

Nuclear Physics and Medical Imaging

Scott Pratt

Michigan State University

Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions and the Quark Gluon Plasma
Idealized Partonic Matter
Modeling Heavy Ion Collisions and connecting QGP properties to experiment
Quantifying our knowledge of the QGP

Martin Savage

Institute for Nuclear Theory

Lattice QCD for Nuclear Physics

Ron Soltz

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Nuclear Security in the 21st Century

Michael Thoennessen

Michigan State University

The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams

Feng Yuan

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Hadron Physics and QCD (Theory)