The Santa Fe campus of St. John’s College is well-connected by public transportation and shuttle services to Albuquerque – New Mexico’s largest city and a major international airport. Santa Fe itself has a smaller municipal airport and regular public transit connects its downtown areas and St. John’s College. We recommend flying into Albuquerque, which allows for greater flexibility and cheaper airfares.

Santa Fe, NM is approximately 50 miles north of Albuquerque. Rental cars are available at the airport. Alternatively, one can use shuttle bus services, such as the Sandia Shuttle Express.  Last but not least, the Rail Runner connects the two cities. We recommend renting a car or using shuttle services.

The city of Santa Fe is served by a public transit system. Route M connects downtown Santa Fe and St. John’s College/Museum Hill. For up-to-date schedules (Weekdays, Saturday, Sunday) and maps, please check the Santa Fe Trails web site.

Taxi service is available through Capital City Cab.

Additional information about transportation is available at St. John’s College web site.