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Nuclear Astrophysics Lectures

The 2009 school continues the tradition of past NNPSSs The NNPSS is distinctively different from many other schools in that it provides lectures and activities that cover the entire field of contemporary nuclear physics, ranging from QCD and the structure of the nucleon, over the reactions and structure of nuclei, to astrophysics. Particular attention is being paid to fostering interactions between students and lecturers as well as among the students that tend to come from all areas of nuclear science. This not only helps to broaden the perspective of the new generation but also aids in the formation of a community spirit within the field. The school can accommodate 50 students typically within 1-2 years either side of earning a PhD.

My lectures on Nuclear Astrophysics are June 29 - July 2, 2009.
Click on the links below for html or pdf versions of these lectures.

* Goals, nomenclature, forming a network, pp-chains, June 29, pdf version

* CNO cycles, Time integration, jacobian formation, alpha-chains, June 30, pdf version

* Energy generation, thermodynamic trajectories, big bang nucleosynthesis, July 01, pdf version

* A general network, radioactive isotopes and the case of 60Fe and 26Al, July 02, pdf version