National Nuclear Physics Summer School
June 28 - July 10, 2009


To stimulate scientfiic discussions and exchange among school participants, students are encouraged to present a poster about their research.

Posters are displayed in the Lookout Art Gallery in Snyder Hall, the same room the reception and coffee breaks are in.

Information for presenters:

  • Posters need to be attached to poster boards using velcro tape provided by the organizers. Please do not use any other means of attaching the posters.
  • Posters will be displayed in three 3 day sessions. During such a session the posters will be permanently displayed in the Lookout Gallery and can be looked at and discussed during Coffee breaks (and at any other time).
  • On the last day of the session, posters have to be taken down after the Q&A session. The new posters can then be put up for the next day.
  • For the first poster session, posters can already be put up during the reception.

Session 1 (Monday June 29 - Wednesday July 1)

First Last Title
Zach Kohley Isospin Effects Observed in the Transverse Flow of Isotopically Resolved Fragments Below the Balance Energy
John Leacock Target Density Fluctuation Studies for the Qweak Experiment
Taisiya Mineeva Space-time characteristics of hadronization via pi0 electroproduction in SIDIS
Hai A. Nam Femtoscale on Petascale: Ab Initio Nuclear Structure Calculations of Carbon-14 on Jaguar XT5
Rajendra Pokharel Viscosity of Quark Gluon Plasma from pt Correlations
Hung-Ming Tsai Phenomenology of the three-flavor PNJL model and thermal strange quark production
Alexander Winnebeck Tracking upgrade for the Crystal Barrel experiment at ELSA

Sesssion 2 (Thursday July 2 - Sunday, July 5)

First Last Title
Antonios Kontos Design and development of a supersonic gas target system for the study of nuclear reactions in inverse kinematics
Antoine Lemasson Interplay between structure and reaction mechanisms around the Coulomb barrier probed using 8He
Christy Martin Identifying WIMP Recoils in Xenon Gas Scintillation
Jordan McDonnell Nuclear Fission at Finite Temperature
Santosh Roy Interplay of Principal and Tilted axis rotations in odd-odd Ag isotopes
Rebecca Shane Asymmetry dependence of neutron correlations from total neutron cross-section differences for Ca-48 and Ca-40

Session 3 (Monday, July 6 - Thursday, July 9)

First Last Title
Biruk Gebremariam Microscopic Energy Density Functional for Nuclei
Carol Guess Study of the 150Sm(t,3He) and 150Nd(3He,t) reactions with applications for the neutrinoless double beta decay of 150Nd
Chen Ji Range corrections to three-body observables near a Feshbach resonance
Rob Johnson Surface Alpha Backgrounds and Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Experiments
Ania Kwiatkowski Precision Test of the Isobaric Multiplet Mass Equation: The A =32, T = 2 Quintet.
Gang Li Beta-neutrino angular correlation measurement
Hyo In Park High Precision Half-Life Measurement of 38Ca
Heidi Toft Level Densitites and Gamma Strength Functions in 116,118,119Sn.