National Nuclear Physics Summer School at The George Washington University Sunday, June 15 through Friday, June 27 2008

For: Nuclear physicists one or two years away from earning their PhD.

  • Lattice QCD--David Richards (Jefferson Lab)
  • Effective Field Theory in Few Nucleon Systems--Harald Griesshammer (The George Washington University)
  • Nucleon Structure, Baryon Resonances, and Meson Resonances*--Xiangdong Ji (University of Maryland)
  • Hot Dense Nuclear Matter--Thomas Schaefer (North Carolina State University)
  • Nuclear Astrophysics and Neutrinos--Art Champagne (University of North Carolina) and Baha Balantekin (University of Wisconsin)
  • Fundamental Symmetry Tests and Precision Measurements**--Susan Gardner (University of Kentucky)
  • Physics of Nuclei--Thomas Papenbrock (University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Lab)
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  • * Lectures in chalk-board format.
    ** Lectures given in chalk-board format and complemented with slides.