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18th National Nuclear Physics Summer School

July 23 - August 5, 2006

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Organizers: National Nuclear Physics Summer School
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National Nuclear Physics Summer School


2005 XVII: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California (6 June - 17 June): Paulo Bedaque, Paul Vetter

o David Bowman: Fundamental Symmetries

o Steve Elliott: Neutrinos

o Jon Engel: Nuclear Structure

o Tom Hemmick: Relativistic heavy Ion Collisions

o David Kaplan: Effective Theories

o Kostas Orginos: Lattice QCD

o Jim Truran: Stellar Nucleosynthesis


2004 XVI: College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine (13 June - 25 June): Barry Holstein, Dmitri Kharzeev

o Stuart Freedman: Neutrino physics

o Dick Furnstahl: Fermion many-body systems

o Daniel Phillips: Effective theory methods

o Mark Pitt: Electroweak physics

o Krishna Rajagopal: Phases of QCD matter

o Gunther Roland: The physics of relativistic heavy ion collisions

o Mike Snow:Neutron physics

o John Beacom:Topics in nuclear astrophysics

o Mike Ramsey-Musolf:Topics in electroweak physics



2003 XV: University of Tennessee, Knoxville (15 June - 27 June): Jeff Blackmon & David Dean

o Peter Parker: Nuclear astrophysics

o Erich Ormand: Nuclear structure

o Raju Venugopalan: High energy nuclear physics in the collider era

o Eric Swanson: Structure of hadrons

o Alejandro Garcia: Weak interactions in the nucleus

o Gail McLaughlin: Neutrino physics



2002 XIV: St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico (28 July - 10 August): J. Ginocchio & J. Carlson

o William Louis: Neutrino Physics

o Aneesh Manohar: QCD and its Symmetries

o Thomas Schaefer: High Density QCD

o Joseph Carlson: Microscopic Nuclear Physics

o Guy Savard: Physics for a Rare Isotope Accelerator



2001 XIII: College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine (12 June - 22 June): Barry Holstein & Larry McLerran

o Xiangdong Ji: Probing the Nucleon Structure in High Energy Scattering

o John Wilkerson: Neutrino Physics

o Ubirajara van Kolck: Effective Field Theories and Nuclear Structure

o Carleton DeTar: Lattice QCD: From the Basics to RHIC

o Barbara Jacak: Exploring the Superdense Matter at RHIC

o Thomas Schaefer: QCD and Matter Under Extreme Conditions



2000 XII: University of California, Santa Cruz (3 July - 14 July): Wick Haxton & Larry McLerran

o Donald Geesaman: Electromagnetic Probes of Nucleon and Nuclear Structure

o John Harris: Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics

o Morten Hjorth-Jensen: Nuclear Structure from Nuclei to Neutron Stars

o Alfred Mueller: QCD in High Energy Nuclear Physics

o Yong-Zhong Qian: Neutrinos and the Origin of the Elements: from the Big Bang to Supernovae

o Michael Ramsey-Musolf: Weak Interactions in Atoms and Nuclei: The Standard Model and Beyond



1999 XI: University of California, San Diego (28 June - 9 July): George Fuller

o A. Baha Balantekin:Solar and Atmospheric Neutrinos: Phenomenology and Experiment

o Brad Filippone:Probing the Nucleon at CEBAF

o Wick Haxton:Neutrino and Exotic Particle Properties and their Importance in Big Bang and Stellar Nucleosynthesis

o Elizabeth Jenkins:Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory

o Steve Koonin:The Shell Model: From the Mean Field to Monte Carlo

o Achim Richter:Elementary Excitation Modes of the Nucleus and Chaos in Nuclei and Billiards

o Thomas Schäfer:RHIC and QCD at Finite Density and Temperature



1998 X: Gull Lake, MI (26 July - 8 August): Wolfgang Bauer & Alex Brown

o George Fuller:Neutrinos and Nuclear Astrophysics

o Gregers Hansen:Radioactive Beam Physics

o Roy Holt:CEBAF Physics

o Volker Koch:Chiral Symmetry

o Scott Pratt:Phenomenology of Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions



1997 IX: New Haven, CT (4-15 August): Rick Casten

o Donald Geesaman: Nucleon Structure

o John Harris: Relativistic Heavy Ions

o Bradley Meyer: Nuclear Astrophysics

o Witek Nazarewicz: Nuclear Structure at High Spin

o Witek Nazarewicz: Nuclear Physics with Radioactive Beams (Theory)

o Bradley Sherril: Nuclear Physics with Radioactive Beams (Experiment)

o David Warner: Nuclear Structure at Low Spin



1996 VIII: Pack Forest, WA (10-21 June): George Bertsch

o Arthur Champagne: Nuclear Astrophysics

o David Dean: The Shell Model

o Robert Janssens: Spectroscopy of Deformed Nuclei

o Ruprecht Machleidt: Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction

o Berndt Müller: Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics



1995 VII: Seattle, WA (18-30 June): Wick Haxton

o Gerry Brown: Neutron Stars and Kaon Condensation

o Stuart Freedman: Parity Violation in Atoms and Nuclei (Experiment)

o David Kaplan: Effective Field Theories

o Boris Kayser: Tests of CP Nonconservation

o Joe Ginocchio: Symmetries in Nuclear Structure Physics

o Michael Musolf: Parity Violation in Atoms and Nuclei (Theory)

o Ismael Zahed: Chiral Symmetry in Hadronic Physics



1993 VI: Raleigh, NC (11-24 July): Berndt Müller & Russel Roberson

o Jerzy Dudek: High Spin States and Superdeformed Nuclei

o James Friar: Nuclear Few-Body Systems

o Johanna Stachel: Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions

o Dirk Walecka: Electron Scattering

o John Wilkerson: Weak Interactions in Nuclear Physics

o Cheung Ji: Light Cone Quantum Field Theory (Guest lecture)

o Roxanne Springer: Effective Theories of Hadronic Interactions (Guest lecture)



1992 V: Corvallis, OR (5-18 July): Steve Vigdor

o Tom Bowles: Neutrino Masses and Mixing

o John Millener: Hypernuclear Physics

o Bob McKeown: Spin Effects in Electromagnetic Interactions

o Brian Serot: Relativistic Nuclear Many-Body Theory

o Phil Siemens: Matter Above a Trillion Kelvin



1991 IV: Madison, WI (17-28 June): Baha Balantekin

o Eric Adelberger: Low Energy Frontier & Nuclear Astrophysics

o Barry Holstein: Weak Interactions in Nuclei

o Franco Iachello: Topics in Nuclear Structure Physics

o Joe Kapusta: Finite-Temperature Field Theory in Nuclear Physics

o Bill Zajc: Phenomenology of Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions



1990 III: Santa Cruz, CA (5-17 August): Wick Haxton & Jørgen Randrup

o Baha Balantekin: The Use of Symmetry Principles in Nuclear Physics

o Stan Brodsky: Nuclear Quantum Chromodynamics

o George Fuller: The Nuclear Physics of the Big Bang

o Shoji Nagamiya: High Energy Heavy Ion Experiments

o John Negele: The Structure of Hadrons

o Gerry Brown: Meson Effective Masses and Heavy Ion Physics (Guest lecture)



1989 II: Gull Lake, MI (31 July - 11 August): James Vary

o Dirk Walecka: Quantum Field Theory of Hadrons

o James Friar: Few-Body Nuclear Systems - Theory and Experiment

o Steve Koonin: Nuclear Many-Body Theory

o Teng-Lek Khoo: High-Spin Physics

o Eric Adelberger: Fundamental Measurements in Nuclei



1988 I: Corvallis, OR (27 June - 8 July): Phil Siemens

o Jerry Cooperstein: Nuclear Astrophysics of Supernovae

o Bill Donnelly: Electroweak Interactions of Nuclei at Multi-GeV Energies

o Jochen Heisenberg: Measurements of Nuclei with Multi-GeV Electrons

o Bill Lynch:Current Experiments of Fragmentation of Nuclei in Fermi-Velocity Collisions

o Miklos Gyulassy: Ultrarelativistic Nuclear Collisions and Phase Transitions of Matter Above 1012 K

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