Information for the participants of the 2005 National Nuclear Summer School



You can fly to either San Francisco or Oakland. The street address of the Clark Kerr Campus is 2601 Warring Street, Berkeley, CA.Phone: 510-642-6290. Directions to Clark Kerr Campus here .
Clark Kerr Campus Map map.

From San Francisco to Clark Kerr Campus:

  • Cab: Somewhat expensive. More information here
  • Shuttle services: Cheaper than a cab. More details here


From Oakland to Clark Kerr Campus:


When you arrive, you should approach the front desk, where you can register and receive more informational material.

Check in

Important Registration Payment Information

Payment of Registration Fee by Check or Traveler’s Checks preferred. We cannot accept International Postal Money Orders or Eurochecks. Please pay with a check in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank or a bank issued International Money Order made payable to: “UC REGENTS.”
Meeting Registration will begin Monday, June 6, at 8:30 a.m. in the Lobby of Building #1.

Lectures will begin at 9:30 a.m. each morning and will be held in Building 3, Main Lounge, located on the Third floor at the North end on the right hand side. Check the program on the website for any updates.

Clark Kerr Campus Front Desk – Check-In

The Clark Kerr Campus Front Desk is located in the Administration Building (Building 1) and is open daily from 7:00am to 11:00pm. The telephone number is (510) 642-6290 and should be used to relay messages only. The bulletin board in the lobby is used to post messages. Our conference clerk staff, who live on-site, will check in each guest. In addition, they will distribute room keys, meal cards and a welcome letter giving guests information about the site. There is a campus phone located outside of Building 1 for those guests checking in after 11:00 p.m.


When checking out, guests should close their room doors (doors lock automatically) and return their keys to the front desk in the Administration Building by 12:00 noon or the check-out time indicated on the Program Profile. There is a $35.00 per key charge for keys not returned. Keys that are not returned will be billed to the conference on the master bill. Since the lock is changed shortly after a key is reported missing, the fee is not refundable if the original key is returned at a later date.

Room Service

Beds are made prior to arrival with pillow, pillow case, sheets, blanket and bedspread. Two towels, face cloth and bar of soap are provided and a small lamp is placed on each desk. Beds are made, rooms cleaned and towels changed daily. Common areas and bathrooms in the residence halls are also cleaned daily. A copy of our Guest Services brochure is provided in each room for each guest. This literature contains important information about guest safety and security.

Smoke Free Policy

The University has a Smoke Free Policy that applies to all facilities owned or leased by the University of California, Berkeley, regardless of location. Smoking is prohibited in any indoor area (e.g., sleeping rooms, meeting rooms, hallways, lounges, restrooms and dining rooms). Smoking is permitted outdoors, except within 20 feet of building entrances and exits.

Internet connection

In-Room Ethernet Connections

If you are bringing a Laptop and would like to have internet access, for security purposes you MUST register your Ethernet (MAC) address prior to your arrival. This process can take 1-2 days. Network connections are located in each sleeping room and are free to conference groups.

Participants must access UC Conference Services Computing and Networking website at: and follow the directions to register their Ethernet (MAC) address prior to their arrival. You can find your address by following instructions listed in our Finding your Ethernet Address Infosheet at

Login using:
PandaCon login: nnpss (all lower case)
Password: paulo

To ensure that your computer will connect properly to the network, use the “Connecting in” Infosheet that corresponds to the operating system you will use. Once your Ethernet Adapter address is registered with us and you have followed the instructions in our Connecting in Infosheets, all you need to do is plug your computer into the Ethernet jack in your room and your connection will be active. Be sure to bring your own Ethernet cable to the conference as these are not provided. If you need further assistance, please notify our Summer Conferences Technical Coordinators at:
Conference hosts are responsible for all network traffic originating from machines that have registered on our network. Conference participants must abide by Residential Computing’s Appropriate Use Policies. Conference participants should not attempt any modification of the University’s network hardware.

Modem Connections

Participants who have modems and an Internet Service Provider can use active telephone lines in the rooms for network connection.


Self-Service Print and Email Station

A self-service print and email station located in the Administration Building (Building 1) will have several computer workstations that have full Internet access with popular web browsers. All print and email station services are provided free of charge to guests. The print and email station is open daily from 7:00am to 11:00pm, however, there is no support staff to assist guests with software and email problems.


Guests staying for extended periods may receive incoming mail. Mail is received and distributed at the Clark Kerr Front Desk. Guests receiving mail will be notified by a posting on the message board in the lobby. Mail should be addressed as follows:

Participant’s Name
c/o Conference Name
Clark Kerr Campus
2601 Warring Street
Berkeley, CA 94720-2288

Stamped, outgoing mail may be placed in the U.S. mail slot located at the front desk. Other mailing needs must be handled at the U.S. Post Office.

Dining Service

Meal Hours:
7:00 – 8:30 a.m. Breakfast
12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Lunch
6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Dinner

Meals Provided:
Sun,, 6/05 Dinner only
Mon, 6/06 B’fast Lunch Banquet
Tue, 6/07 B’fast Lunch Dinner
Wed, 6/08 B’fast Lunch Dinner
Thr, 6/09 B’fast Lunch Dinner
Fri, 6/10 B’fast Lunch Dinner
Sat. & Sun 6/11 & 6/12 Continental B’fast Only
Participants responsible for their own meals for lunch and dinner Sat. & Sun., 6/11 & 6/12.
Mon, 6/13 B’fast Lunch Banquet
Tue, 6/14 B’fast Lunch Dinner
Wed, 6/15 B’fast Lunch Dinner
Thr, 6/16 B’fast Lunch Dinner
Fri, 6/17 B’fast Lunch – PROGRAM ENDS
Participants responsible for their own dinner Fri., 6/17.
No Breakfast provided Sat., 6/18.

All meals will be served in the Great Hall (Building 10). Cafeteria-style meals will be provided. A Banquet will be served Monday, June 6, 2005. All food and beverages (except alcohol, by permit only) served at Clark Kerr must be provided by CK Dining Services department.

Guest Meal Cards

Local Students attending summer school but not staying at Clark Kerr Campus will receive Commuter Meal cards at registration to cover their meals.


Parking will be available in the Clark Kerr Northwest and Southwest Lot. Parking permits are required and must be placed on the dashboard of each vehicle. In addition, a Conference Identification Slip (available at the front desk) must also be displayed with all permits.
Non-Campus Weekly Permits - Weekly permits must be ordered in advance and are charged to the master bill. The current cost is $45.00 per week.
Non-Campus Daily Permits - There is also a dispensing machine in the Southwest lot only from which individuals may purchase permits on a daily basis for $7.00 per vehicle. Daily permits expire every morning (including weekends) at 9:00am. Therefore, it is important that daily permits be purchased prior to 9:00am to avoid citations.

Recreation Activities

There is a jogging track, tennis courts and a swimming pool available at the Golden Bear Recreation Center, which is located behind the Clark Kerr Campus. In addition, the Strawberry Canyon Recreation Area, the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF), and Hearst Gymnasium and Pool are available to conference guests. Strawberry Canyon has two swimming pools and barbecue areas. The RSF has a swimming pool, weight rooms, handball, squash, racquetball and tennis courts.

The facilities are available on a fee per entry basis. The entry fee for the swimming pool at the Golden Bear Recreation Center is $5.00 per person per day. The current daily entry fee for Strawberry Canyon is $5.00 per person (pool access only), $10.00 per person (pool & weight room access) and $10.00 per person at the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) and Hearst Gym.
Cardholders are required to show photo I.D. to enter

There are many other entertainment activities available within walking distance in Berkeley and reachable by public transportation in San Francisco and the whole Bay Area.