St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM
July 28 - August 10, 2002

Name Institution E-mail Address Talk Title
Daniel Arndt University of Washington Saxion Bound from SN1987A
Mohamed Hassan Abdel Aziz Wayne State University
Minesh Bacrania University of Washington
Yoav Bergner MIT Center for Theoretical Physics Bubble Dynamics in Quantum Phase Transitions
M. Tobias Bollenbach Michigan State University
Alex Bourque McGill University Deliepton production in the quark-gluon plasma at finite baryon density
Paul Constantin Iowa State University High-$\p_{T}$ two-particle correlations in the PHENIX experiment
Shannon T. Cowell UIUC Quenching of Weak Interactions In Nucleon Matter
Kenneth DeNisco Florida Atlantic University
Kalin P. Drumev Louisiana State University
Huaiyu Duan University of Minnesota
Ryan Fitzgerald University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
Brian C. Fore Massachusetts Institute
Rob Gross Florida Atlantic University Detecting Supernovae Neutrinos Using a Realistic Source
Roberto Heredia-Ortiz McGill University
Marco Huertas College of William and Mary Effective Lagrangian approach to nuclei far from stability
Joao Henriques de Jesus University of North Carolina Time-reversal violation at low energies: calculating nuclear Schif moments
Chuncheng Ji University of Massachusetts Lowell The Statistical Distribution of the Number of Prompt Gamma Rays Emitted in the Fission of 235U
Dmitri Kotchetkov University of California "The Time Expansion Chamber of the PHENIX detector at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider" and Study of identified hadrons with the Time Expansion Chamber of the PHENIX detector at the RHIC"
Chris Kouvaris Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hang Liu Ohio University hliu@helios Model Study of Scalar Three-Body Forces in the Three Body State
Wei Liu Texas A&M University Charmonium Absorption by Hadrons
Tom Luu University of Washington
Andres Morey LANL
Pascal Muehlich Photoproduction of phi mesons from nuclei
Mohammed Muniruzzaman University of California
Heather Olliver Michigan State University Measuring angular distributions of gamma-rays emitted from fast exotic beams
Philip Page LANL
Mark Paris LANL
M. Angelez Perez Indiana University
Muslema Pervin Florida State University Semileptonic decays of Hadrons (tentative)
Bob Runkle University of North Carolina 14N(p,g)15O and Energy Production in Main Sequence Stars
Steven Andrew Sheets North Carolina State University
Lijun Shi Michigan State University Isospin diffusion ocefficient calculation and application
Laura C. Stonehill University of Washington Preparation for Neutral Current Detector Deployment in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Tao Sun NSCL/ Michigan State University
Bonnie Todd Florida State University Nuclear Astrophysics at Jefferson Lab
Clarisse Tur University of South Carolina/Jefferson National Laboratory Search for modification of vector meson properties inside nuclear medium (g7 experiment at Jlab)
Zetocha Valeriu SUNY at Stony Brook
Wesley Winter University of California Measurement of the Boron-8 Neutrino Spectrum
Jackson Wu University of Washington

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